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Annyeong !
I`m Anne from Germany.
And I`m a 89-Liner. :)

I`m also a: Shawol ~ Locket ~ and half Blinger ~ love SHINee to death ~ all of the boys ~ K-Pop-Lover as well ~ Picture Editor ~ Fanfiction Writer ~ huge JongKey Lover!

If I follow that light, will you be there?
Should I follow the scent that passed with the wind?

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Central and South America photo diary by Key

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shawols are my favorite omg

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mini posters : exo - overdose

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… Did you just describe yourself as your own ideal type…

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Samoyed by (honey and milk)


taemin// for my sweet bby cakes rachel who requested 
Taemin as a prince ;; what a beautiful image. Hope you like
this rach!!! <33

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jonghyun + red requested by jojo

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mangeisha!key for xiaojuhua

mathi’s commentary: ah, the infamous were to be a warrior but came out as a man!geisha kibum. i hope you like it ;; i know it’s different from the preview i showed you but at the last minute i just had a sprinkle of inspiration. i shouldn’t really promise things but maybe the next fanart will be for our lovechild 8D puta and lil dick looking for trouble! anyway, i hope you spend a nice christmas and you find a nice mumbo under the tree lmao also a 2014 game very strong.

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Shall we find out how many KPOP blogs are on tumblr?

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